Under the Loofah Tree by Giles Cooper
Produced by Donald McWhinnie
BBC Third Programme 3 Aug 1958
Duration 40mins


A simple fable of a man having a bath, but within this framework the author concentrates a pungent assessment of certain contemporary beliefs - a curiously touching but merciless scrutiny of a certain kind of human being. He uses every shorthand device of imaginative radio to paint a man's life, his aspirations, and his will to survive. This is forty-five minutes of highly distilled experience crystallised into a sound - complex: words, rhythms, evocative noises, fused into a kind of musical score which constantly stimulates the ear and the imagination. ....taken from some remarks written by Donald McWhinnie in his introduction to a volume of Giles Cooper's plays, published by the BBC in 1966.

The Cast:Edit

Gabriel Wolf
Haydn Jones
John Dearth
John Hollis.