The Vintage Radio Programme Collectors' Circle, also known as the VRPCC, is an organization dedicated to the preservation and archiving of spoken word radio recordings, with particular emphasis on radio drama. Comprised of roughly 75 members from all around the world, the VRPCC seeks out recordings of radio drama broadcasts in an effort to preserve and archive them[1].

In several cases, the VRPCC has provided the BBC with recordings that were missing from the BBC archive.


The group was founded in 1996 by Roger Bickerton, on becoming aware that many of the programmes broadcast by the BBC no longer existed in archived recorded form. The organization brought together a network of private collectors to catalog, preserve, and discover new recordings that these programmes might be preserved.

In 2002, Nigel Deacon's Diversity website went online, boosting the profile of the VRPCC and providing an important nexus point for collectors, archivists, scholars, and fans of the radio drama medium from all around the world.

The VRPCC continues its efforts to preserve radio drama heritage, and has aided the BBC on numerous occasions by providing recordings of missing programmes.

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