Wake by Katie Hims
Produced by Toby Swift
BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Play - 16.11.2009
Length 43mins 59seconds
One of An occassional series of plays where the action takes place in real time: forty three minutes and fifty-nine seconds.
For other plays in the series see: Forty-three Fifty-nine Series


A Comedy.
Jess is travelling with her mother, Avril, to see Danny one last time. She's not been back for 24 years; she and Danny were childhood sweethearts and were going to get married, but Danny's dead and he was only 39.
She wants to say goodbye to him one last time, which doesn't seem too much to ask - except Jess's father killed Danny's sister in a hit and run.
On Jess and Avril's day trip, one lie leads to another and soon they find themselves embroiled in a rare old pickle.


Critical ReceptionEdit

Nominated for the 2010 Writers Guild Award for Best Radio Drama[1]


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