Wandering in Eden is a radio play by John Fletcher. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 10 March 1974. The running time is 90 minutes.

Written on spec for the BBC, this was John Fletcher's first play for radio[1].


Set 100 years in the future.


  • Special music composed and recorded by Ron Geesin

Comments from Richard WortleyEdit

'Wandering in Eden' by John Fletcher was elaborately 'followed' by a journalist Chris Barlow for a theatre magazine. We had original music recorded in his home studio by a member of Pink Floyd; normal practice in our digital multi track age, but it used to be session musicians and baton conducting in BBC studios. Pink Floyd went well and so did his home hospitality.

For two days we also recorded sound effects down on a Somerset farm, John Fletcher doing hands-on baling hay, strong in the arm and muscular with the pen. The play did not transmit for some while. We "wandered from Eden" and accidentally wiped these effect recordings. I was in 'Houdini' mode because a new batch of agricultural sound effects had just been made for BBC Radio Birmingham. Yes, I was rescued by "The Archers" team and I never told John[2].


  1. Modern Soundling interview

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